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The Spaniards built the world’s largest solar tower


The company Abengoa Solar launched the near Seville world’s largest thermal power plant such as “solar tower”. And this is only the second such installation in the world, which is in commercial operation, that is supplying energy to the domestic network.

The new station is called PS20, where number is the nominal capacity of the system in megawatts. The official opening of the complex record was held in late April.
The heart of the new station is concrete tower 161.8 meters. Around 1255 it housed the heliostat mirror-surface of 120 square meters each. They direct the sun’s rays to the top of the structure.


PS10, as you might guess, is half that of a novice in power. But it was PS10 until recently was the world’s only power plant type “solar tower”, located in the commercial exploitation (episodic pilot projects of this type once worked in different countries). PS20 is located literally side by side with the PS10. Both machines are owned Abengoa.

As the company said in a press release, the three-day test new station even exceeded its rated capacity, so there is no doubt that it will be able to provide power 10,000 homes.