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Sony has produced energy from Coca-Cola


Sony has developed a fuel cell that generates electricity from the Coca-Cola. He was shown at International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo in Japan.

The principle of action of the element is as follows: at the anode by the action of enzymes (protein molecules, catalysts) glucose is split, resulting in releases electrons and hydrogen ions, the correspondent with reference to Cnews.ru.


Electrons form an electric current. The hydrogen ions flow through the separation membrane to the cathode, where it joins with oxygen molecules in the air. The result is a by-product – water.

During the demonstration fuel cell the size of a matchbook tucked famous drink. Energy produced by the splitting of glucose contained in the Coca-Cola, it was enough to power a small electric fan and three of these fuel cells – to power MP3-player with flash memory and it’s attached two small passive speakers.