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Solar cell with quantum wells set a record


The British company has created Quanta sol experimental solar panel, which showed a record efficiency for injunction photovoltaic cells.

Development is represented at a new generation of solar cells – A Quantum of Sol, held from June 30 to July 4 in London.

New cell efficiency was 28.3% (with coverage of concentrated light, the brightness is 500 times higher than normal solar flux). This achievement recorded by independent experts from the German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy.

Quanta sol was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Imperial College London (Imperial College London), scientists engaged in research in the field of nanomaterial’s. The current exhibition – a report on the results of two years of work.
The exhibition A Quantum of Sol presented their products, several companies and research groups working on the use of nanotechnology in solar energy. Record injunction battery from Quanta sol is shown in this picture.

The new solar panel is based on the so-called quantum wells (quantum well) – nanostructures configured so that with high efficiency in converting the current light of a certain wavelength.

In particular, the record Quanta sol battery is based on a gallium arsenide, with the addition of the Army of nanometer particles of indium gallium arsenide (they form quantum wells). Varying the parameters of the latter allows you to adjust the peak efficiency of the converter to the desired frequency.


Why do it? Only in space for solar panels falls the same light – argue experts Quanta sol. In real conditions on the ground, he has a slightly different range, depending on the location of the panel: the flux changes as we move from the equatorial regions to higher latitudes. And prevailing in a given area the weather is different. Thickness of the atmosphere – a filter that changes the pattern of falling to the ground beams.

To get the best from them energy, and not only in the afternoon, but at other times of the day, and – on different days of the week, it is necessary that the battery has been adapted to the most efficient absorption of a number of specific frequencies. This is to be achieved during the production of the panel.
Quanta sol now intends to build with the use of the same quantum wells and cells in order to beat the absolute record in converting sunlight. These batteries Britons expect to present at the beginning of 2010. The scientists estimate that efficiency photovoltaic cells can be increased by 3-4%.
The company claims that it has developed battery technology with quantum wells will soon reduce the cost of this type of solar cell, so the price per watt of output power and for every kilowatt-hour produced (including the use of hubs), they will be able to approach the silicon panels.