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Silicon spheres help to create invisibility cloak


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Silicon sphere with a diameter of 100-200 nanometers can serve constituents “bricks” invisibility cloak, which will be able to hide objects in visible light.
Cloak – a well-established term applied to structures used for masking objects from electromagnetic waves. Normally masking is set up so that an electromagnetic wave, after a meeting with the object in the cloak is not very different from the wave before the meeting. This means that the wave does not carry information about the meeting, that is, the object is invisible to this wave.


At the moment, the biggest gains for masking achieved for a narrow range of wavelengths in the infrared part of the spectrum. This is due to the fact that metamaterials (composite materials whose properties are determined mainly artificial periodic structure) to make similar waves easier – the size of the structural elements of a metamaterial must be of the same order as the length of the waves, and in the case of infrared it is a micrometer lengths.

In the main part of infrared cloaks are resonators. Under the new international team of researchers has found that the role of such resonators can perform silicon sphere with a diameter of several hundred nanometers. This was established in a series of experiments. Scientists also point out that the production of such areas is relatively inexpensive.