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Shows the new installation of cold fusion


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Hotly debate the source of “free heat” is “catalyst of energy» (E-Cat), first introduced by scientists from the peninsula in January 2011 – is now shown on a larger scale. That’s just the issues in his work there are not less than it was … As skepticism.
October 28, 2011 Andrea Rossi (Andrea A. Rossi) from the University of Bologna and a number of his colleagues has spent in this city presented its new installation of E-Cat for journalists.

Unlike the first sample wonderful new reactor assembled from many individual modules installed in the shipping container.

From the words of the creators, the system has worked for five and a half hours at a time, giving an average heat output 479 kW (some difficulty is not allowed to develop planned megawatts, said Wired).

As before, it is assumed that the excess heat in the system is due to the transmutation of nickel to copper (with the participation of hydrogen), that is due to low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). And they, in fact, are “politically correct” to replace the discredited in recent years the term “cold fusion.”

Alas, before we talk about the revolution in energy, should resolve a number of issues that lead to the great care be taken to claims by Rossi.


The only “independent audit” readings and other aspects of the system, other than the creators of the installation, was an engineer in the U.S., supposedly representing interested in buying E-Cat customer. Journalists, too, could see the manometers and graphics on laptops, but they are unlikely to say anything to them.
Throughout the test, the system was connected to some cables going to an outside electric generator. Italians claim that he needed only to start (initial heating chambers), and further work is not involved. But it would be more convincing if they had it completely disconnected from the container.

So far, no independent research groups not reproduce the result Rossi and his comrades. Even the Italians did not show his attitude to scientific experts for a third-party verification, like Forbes.

No wonder that even the June advocating Rossi known scientist of NASA not diminish the number of skeptics saying that Andrea or incredibly misguided, or simply deceives the public, relying on earnings.

Indeed, if the installation Rossi actually has a positive energy balance, the Italian has chosen a very strange way to introduce it to the world practice and personal enrichment.
In September of this year, he sold his house to continue the work on this project. And it cost him only reliably show the world scientific community performance E-Cat, the government and investors would have thrown the creators of the “lift”.31