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Scientists have learned how to charge the battery for a few seconds


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Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a material that allows you to charge the lithium-ion battery for 10-20 seconds, according to the official press release MIT. An article about the discovery published in the journal Nature.

Lithium-ion power supplies are widely used in portable devices such as mobile phones and laptops. These batteries have large storage capacity, but their charge takes several hours.


Previously, scientists believed that during the long slow charging, lithium ions are responsible. Computer simulations have shown that they, in contrast, have to move very quickly. It was soon discovered that lithium ions can indeed move quickly, but it is necessary that the ion from the surface was in one of the “tunnel” of the material.

Scientists, so to speak, it was possible to create a “ring road” for lithium ions, which allows them to move across the surface as long as they do not fall into the “tunnel”.
The material itself was opened five years ago, but now researchers have changed the method of its production. It is expected that the sale will go through the new battery two to three years.