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Prosthetic hand


War wounded as the engine of science.
Development limb prosthesis paid much attention because of wounded soldiers. One of the most advanced prosthetic arm developed by the University in the United States, with the financial support of the Ministry of Defence. Bionic hand has almost the same dexterity as the real, all the fingers move independently of each other.
Prosthesis responds to the contraction of the muscles of the hand preserved. Contracting the muscles send weak electrical signals that are detected by sensors on the skin surface. Bionic arm uses them, recognizing the signal from various muscles, and consequently on their response, such as squeezing or clenched fist.
In the video, Michael McLaughlin of the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University explains how the modular prosthesis, which is used by a former Air Force technician Joe Deloriers.
The next step – try to make the brain to directly control a bionic arm. While the creators of the modular prosthesis could force the patient’s thoughts to make this artificial arm stroke.