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Physicists have created the most capacious battery electrode


Scientists have managed to build a sort of graphene pile of tiny coral, with numerous channels and voids. The authors claim that the battery in the record demonstrates that material properties.

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Princeton (Princeton University) devised an unusual electrode.

The combination of electron microscopy sample simulations on supercomputers showed that it is able to store 15 amp-hours per gram of body weight. “This is the highest setting, which was reported in the area,” – say the authors of new items.


It is necessary to clarify that the development is designed for air-lithium batteries (also known as lithium-oxygen). They are able to order around the best lithium-ion on the specific capacity. While these drives do not come out of the experimental stage, as a number of unresolved issues. In particular, the device can not yet boast of survival.

Physics of the mixed solvent, binder, water, and flakes of graphene, and then created in this mixture numerous small air bubbles. They served as the scaffolding on which the assembled graphene particles and a binder.

After removal of unnecessary components remained highly porous structure in which graphene is formed by numerous spheres with a diameter of 3-4 micrometers, and in the walls of the spheres with holes.


All together it creates branched channels of oxygen and provides a great space for its reaction with lithium.

Do not use a new electrode catalyst (which is a major technology), but shows a high specification in pure oxygen. The team is now working on the membrane, which would allow to pass to the electrode only oxygen, but have delayed the moisture from the air that kills a battery reacts with lithium.

In addition, in its current form the electrode does not fully recharge itself several times, but to eliminate this disadvantage, and now the team is also working its creators.