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Nanodiamonds make assist biologists in the study of intracellular processes


Physicists have proposed to study the processes taking place inside cells by quantum mechanical effects. Separately, that the commercialization of the results will be conducted through the Russian Quantum Center.

In the new method, which the scientists from the Institute of the Lebedev develop together with colleagues from Harvard, the cell is supposed to put a microscopic diamond diameter of 20-30 nm. This chip contains a so-called color center – a point defect in the crystal, which has a number of quantum mechanical properties.
By electromagnetic radiation (a combination of optical and microwave radiation) color center emits photons. Recording the optical signal, the scientists are able to determine the parameters of the magnetic field inside the cell. Using this information, professionals can get information about the events taking place within a living organism.


“Measurement of the tested parameters, albeit indirect, but very accurate. Today we can see the magnetic field of a single electron” – leads the agency to senior researcher LPI Alexei Akimov. “These measurements can be made in a living cell, and potentially – and in the tissue or in the body. Ideas of the method very different – from the work on the single cell to the research processes in the brain,” – he added.
In the new method are nanodiamonds. It is noteworthy that at the end of October 2011 Prize Rusnanoprize RUSNANO was awarded Gennady Sakovich technology for creating nanodiamonds explosive method.