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With the development of new technology, scientists are finding more and more opportunities modification of traditional materials such as metal. One of the most promising versions – metal foam – a structure consisting of a solid metal, usually aluminum, and contains a large number of gas-filled pores. Typically, about 75-95% of the metal foam are void. The material has a unique low resistance – some metal foam is so easy that float on the water surface. The strength of this foam is several times the strength of traditional metal.

In the future, metal foam can be an integral part of the machine, and also used in the production of sintered metal. It is ideally suited for creating large extremely strong structures – another material that is able to provide such a strength to weight ratio, humanity has not invented. Certainly, it will be actively used in space technology, where minimizing weight is crucial.


The recent discovery of American scientists could further expand the use of this material. Studies of the U.S. National Science Foundation, have developed a new type of alloy metal foam, which reacts to a magnetic radiation can be stretched in length by 10% under the influence of a magnetic field. To achieve this we developed a new technology. On a piece of heated porous sodium aluminate special pours molten alloy. After the metal has cooled, the salt sodium aluminate etched with acid, and the metal becomes porous.

Scientists named the new alloy “metal foam with memory effect.” According to them, it will be widely used in the production of automobiles and airplanes, and wherever needed, there remains a high strength at high voltages.