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Hall Pope covered solar panels


The roof of the hall audiences Pope (Paul VI Audience Hall) at the end of November has turned into a huge solar panel – it housed 2394 photovoltaic converter with total capacity of about 220 kilowatts.

They are able to generate up to 300 megawatt-hours of electricity per year, which is about the annual needs of 100 households.

Solar cell area of ​​5,000 square meters (almost a football field) is worth 1.2 million euros, but the Vatican did not have to pay a cent: setting – a gift from two German companies, SMA Solar Technology and SolarWorld.


Since his election in 2005, Benedict XVI drew attention of the faithful to “the unbalanced use of energy” in the world, noting that the environmental damage caused by making “the lives of poor people on earth especially unbearable.”
Now it happened that the Vatican, becoming “a little greener,” setting an example and states – by 2020 20% of its energy needs it will get from renewable sources.
However, the Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo (Giovanni Lajolo), governor of Vatican, said that bears a much more ambitious plan. The church owns a large plot of land to the north of Rome, where the center is located, translating Vatican Radio, and 300 “empty” ha can install solar panels. She was able to produce up to six times more energy than it needs its own center, and the excesses of the “Merge” to the national grid in Italy.

(Note that recently on the same subject distinguished Spaniards – to install solar panels at the cemetery.)