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Europe’s largest wind farm be built in Sweden


In the next two and a half years in Sweden to begin construction of the largest in Europe (and possibly the world) wind farm. Special Environment Commission recently asked the government to entrust the project Swedish Markbygden Vind AB.
The decision and the announcement of the results is given 12 months. If all goes according to plan (in which no one doubts), then in the order of 450 square kilometers will be built in 1101 tower height of about 200 meters. They are topped with a rotor diameter of 80 to 130 m


Will be allocated for the construction of 5.1 billion euros. It is planned that it will end in the next ten years. The project will provide Sweden and Europe as a whole extra energy of about 12.8 terawatt-hours per year (the total plant capacity ranges from 2,500 to 4,000 MW).

“This will be the biggest in Europe, if not the world, wind power,” – said one of the representatives of the environmental commission Caj Noren.

Note that the only way this project will, by 2015, with plans to Sweden to receive the wind ten terawatt hours of energy annually.