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Dancers make generating electricity


Now a dancer can be used as a generator that produces electricity. In the vicinity of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, in September opened a disco, which will produce an electric current produced by movements of the feet of visitors on the floor.

Authors of the idea believe that accumulated electricity would be enough to provide lighting in the room. The first presentation of the project took place recently in Paris under the “self-sufficiency in the Salon of the Planet.” Hundreds of people have tried the above, the power generated, and they succeeded. The cost of installing a clean track is very high: 3500 euros per square meter. However, the author of the idea ensures that the invention will pay for itself, especially in terms of environmental protection. “Energy is one of the main sources of costs nightlife. In view of the deteriorating situation in the field of environmental protection, such a solution seems to us very reasonable, “- says the author of the Dan Ruzegarde.


His design of “mat” can produce 8 watts per second per 65 cm2 area. For a small disco, dance hall where is 6 m2, energy production could reach 400-7000 watts, depending of course on the enthusiasm of visitors. “We expect that in addition to lighting, produce energy and will ensure sound supply. In addition, we ask young people to move more and thus increase energy production, “said Ruzegarde. The project he worked on at the Technological University of Delft with various private and public enterprises Netherlands.

“The production of clean energy by turning the legs, it is not the only project that we develop. In the toilets will be used system for collecting rain water, it will also be used for washing dishes. The first such eco-friendly disco will be able to take up to 2 thousand people, and its opening is scheduled for September 4 this year. Until that date, the organizers intend to extend the idea to the main European capitals, as applied to a variety of recreational facilities. The immediate presentation is scheduled for April 30 to mark the “Feast of the Queen,” which leaves a lot of plastic bottles.