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‘Cold fusion’ a step closer to acceptance by mainstream science


Cold fusion – a potential source of energy, around which is a lot of debate and formed a controversial opinion, up to the stigma it pseudoscience. Official science has taken another step toward the recognition and acceptance of cold fusion, made this statement organizer of the largest two-day Conference on Cold Fusion, which will be held in the 239 national meeting of the American Chemical Society.
The American Chemical Society is American Chemical Society is the scientific organization of the United States, bringing together researchers working in the field of chemistry. Founded in 1876 at the University of New York. To date, ACS has over 160,000 members of the ACS are national members meeting twice a year. At meetings of actual questions from all areas of chemistry.

“There was a time when scientists were careful to talk about cold fusion at a broad audience,” – said Jan Marwan (Jan Marwan), Ph.D., an internationally known expert who organized the symposium. Marwan heads research firm “Dr. Marwan Chemie” in Berlin, Germany. The symposium, titled “New energy technologies,” will be held over 50 presentations, which will showcase the latest discoveries and developments.


There will be presentations on topics such as: the invention of an inexpensive new measuring device, which will make it possible for many research laboratories to begin research on cold fusion; indications that cold fusion may arise in certain bacteria, progress in creating the battery works on the principle of cold fusion, and many other issues. Marwan noted that many of the presentations suggest that cold fusion is possible, and it could become a source of energy in the 21st century.

“This area is now experiencing a second birth, a growing interest of scientists and an increasing number of studies. Data show that cold fusion may be a reality. Example, the number of presentations at national meetings of the ACS on cold fusion since 2007 has increased by four times.