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If I was turned down because of lack of space, can I reapply?

Yes, but the competition starts again. If you resend another letter of recommendation (and new transcripts, if you continue your education) to show that you have done in that time.


Does Apmas admit scientists before fall?

We often add new scientists in the summer before school starts. Usually we do not allow scientists conditions in winter or spring.


Does Apmas accept transfers from other schools?

Since we have limited space in our program, we rarely accept transfers in our internship program graduate programs in other schools. We have different requirements from other schools, so scientists can transfer additional courses to qualify the candidate nomination.


How many openings are there?

The number varies. From a practical point of view, limits our policy of supporting all students with scientists, such as scholarships, teaching assistants and assistant researchers, the number of scientists who can be taken. We want to be able to add more scientists, but also for each scientist, we recognize … More


I don’t know if I qualify for Apmas. How do I know if I’ll be accepted?

We make suggestions for scientists we think will be successful in Apmas. While we need a strong math and science background, there is room for two scientists who are strong in the laboratory, and scientists who are strong in the theoretical work. Remember that the application is free.


Do applications have to be received by January 1st?

Yes, almost. There are often more qualified applicants than available openings. Applications, which will be completed in time, previously reviewed. Even if your application is received, when it is late, the other strong candidates tested in front of you. (Several incomplete application rather perfect belated request).


Is it a lot of work to apply?

Most scientists now use online method www.embark.com, which makes it easy to prepare duplicate application does. In general, we only ask for information, not presentation. You can copy the application to another school and send it to us, that it contains the information we. Our questionnaire they did not even … More


What about support for the second and later years?

Over the past 12 years there have been cases where the funding for the second year was less than scientific support for the first year. Most of the second year scholars as support researchers, as opposed to public support, the first scientists. This is rarely a problem, but from the … More


What about financial support?

All scientists (domestic and foreign), are admitted to the graduate school in the field of material, financial and training grants, and tour. We call upon scientists “outside scholarships” for which they are qualified as NSF, GEM, Hertz, NSERC (Canada) apply. In addition to helping us financially, they are outside scholarships … More


How are offers of admissions decided?

Completed applications are reviewed at the Department of Materials Science and evaluate. Student transcripts usually given more weight, and then letters and evaluation GRE test. Expression of interest is not as critical as is often thought – most scientists have a number of interests, which can accommodate a range of … More