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Amorphous metals: The thing structure


Another modification of the traditional iron are amorphous metals, or so-called “metallic glass”, which consist of metal with random atomic structure. They can be twice stronger than steel. Fragmented structure of the atoms allows them to dissipate impact energy more efficiently than traditional rigid structure of the metal, which has a point of vulnerability. Amorphous metals produced by special technology – molten metal is cooled rapidly to its atomic structure do not have time to get a clear crystalline form.


The military has long had their eyes on a new kind of metal. According to their calculations, made of armor it will be several times stronger than, the one produced by today’s technology. In addition, amorphous metals are widely used in the electronics industry. In addition to the strength they possess unique magnetic properties, which are in high demand for mobile phones, magnetic tapes, high-voltage transformers. Energy efficiency by using amorphous metals grows by an average of 40%. Their widespread use could mean savings of hundreds of thousands of tons of fossil fuels worldwide.